The advantages of the water mattress:

The water mattress has several indisputable qualities. First of all to be an ergonomic mattress. It follows the shape of the body appropriately, without creating bumps, bulges and without forcing the body into a posture. Thanks to the internal water chamber the pressure points are almost completely canceled and our back can relax in the most correct way.

It is also indicated for the prevention of bedsores. Water-filled mattresses with a thermostat, that is to say heated, are recommended for those suffering from rheumatism. Finally, from the hygienic point of view, given the substantial absence of an internal sheet impermeable of the human body and humidity, it is practically unassailable by bacteria, extremely little subject to mite infestations; besides being completely hypoallergenic.

Water mattress defects:

Obviously, also water mattresses are not perfect, but they have flaws. The first of all is the price, always and in any case higher than a memory mattress, in latex or spring, with the same measures and quality. A single usually starts from $ 850, for a double instead we talk about $ 1200. To these numbers must be added the maintenance costs of the water mattress.

The most important cost is the electricity needed to operate the heating system of the most valuable models. But also products for water disinfection, which should be done at least once a year to avoid problems with algae that can develop inside it, causing unpleasant odors. In addition to the greater weight which also makes operations simpler, such as changing the covers, longer and more complex.

We add the risk of puncture, although by now it is rather tight and without disastrous (as comic) consequences, such as jets of water coming out of the bed. Let’s start by saying that the water is not under pressure inside and in the best products in case of breakage it is collected in safety containers.

However, even if remote, the risk exists and repairing a water mattress involves a considerable expense, especially if it has not been sold with special repair kits.

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