What is a Natural Mattress?

The benefits of sleeping on a natural mattress such as natural mattresses and the maintenance they need. Padding in natural fibers and 100% ecological interior slabs for making mattresses, futons, wool mattresses, latex, horsehair, coconut fibers, and cotton.

Ironically we have done everything to send the handmade wool and horsehair mattress to the attic, replacing them with polyurethane rubber-coated mattresses, and today we are witnessing the rise of the famous natural mattresses that is costly.

Natural mattresses:

Natural mattresses have a reduced industrial and chemical impact and are therefore healthier and more ecological, unlike most mattresses on the market that are the result of a massive and poorly controlled production that drives many mattress manufacturers to make a price war which would seem to have a positive reflection on the final cost for the consumer, but which is then found to be harmful over time because the yield of these mattresses is poor.

Furthermore, natural fibers such as horsehair and wool dry and dispose of moisture much faster than synthetic fibers.

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100% natural wool mattresses:

Among the few 100% natural mattresses to date, cotton outside and wool inside, nothing else. Speaking of natural mattresses it is the first mattress that deserves mention, given the 1000 years of honorable career, the handmade wool or horsehair mattress reminds us of the mother or grandmother in the garden to card or wash wool by hand, or mattress on the condominium terrace that widens the wool with the nails of the manual thistle.

Wool accompanied us for a lifetime and was often passed down from mother to daughter. This combination flows into the idea that the wool mattress is old and outdated, totally forgetting the benefits that the 100% wool mattress has.

The best part of the natural mattresses is that its maintenance. The wool mattress needs constant maintenance, it is not enough to turn the mattress often, it is necessary to call the mattress in the meantime to the card and revive the wool. The period varies from 3 years to 5 years. If the wool is of good quality the mattress will retain its characteristics for a long time, and redoing the mattress every 5 years is sufficient.